Dannette Hunnel


Creative seeker of life.


I'm Dannette Hunnel

I'm an expressive fun-loving Gramma with the Southwestern creative spirit. I use words, art, flowers, photography and computers to express myself. One of my many hobbies is creating children’s books. I dedicate each one to a grandchild. (We have many 💗). Each book contains different aspects of nature such as animals, flowers, trees, healthy food, exercise and facts about the gorgeous state of Arizona; my family’s beloved home. These are all my own passions. All of my stories teach of love, self-esteem and acceptance of others. I love introducing children to new places, thoughts and things; then watching them discover their own unique gifts and graces. I try to maintain a positive attitude and push myself toward new topics and experiences. It is my hope that I have encouraged my children/grandchildren to do the same. I just love the phrase, "Never get in your own way". I hope your kids like my books but most importantly, I hope they love to read. Thanks so much for stopping by.