Dannette Hunnel


On The Go

If you are on the go like us and like to swoop in to your grown children’s home so you can grab some snuggles with those grand babies, then I know you live minimally and don’t want to pack books in your carry-on. Now, I know some of you order books and have them arrive at your destination so you can read to your grandkids, and I appreciate that very much. I really do. But I have listened and appreciated your suggestions and understand that this is additional time management and expense. I also appreciate the comments that some little ones like to tear up the paperbacks. So hopefully, I’ve remedied all this with converting to the electronic versions. I have worked diligently converting some of my books into Kindle readers. Now you can pop that little one on your lap, read to them and show them the pictures right from your phone, tablet or Kindle e-reader. It’s been a challenge for this old gal and I’m not through with all of them yet, but I’m hoping that this is the perfect solution for all.

The Holidays are coming and maybe some of your relatives are too, so I wish for you some quiet, quality time, one-on-one with your cherished little off-spring. Let’s all Please continue to remind our next generation of the importance of reading… Maybe show them this below.. 😉

Happy Traveling- Happy Retirement- Happy Snuggling

Dannette Hunnel