Dannette Hunnel


With Gratitude

I want to extend a sincere Thanks to all the well wishers that have contacted me since the announcement of my book, Gage and The Googly-Eyed Guest.

I know I am blessed to share my life and interests with so many good, like-minded people and I appreciate it very much.

Admittedly, I am ‘attached’ to computers, social media and most modern forms of communication. Being on the go as much as we are, it is the only way that I can keep in touch with my very large extended family and all of our wonderful friends and colleagues that share in our journey, both personally and creatively.  As I read, write and draw on my devices a few hours most every day, I get to see each message pop up, generally on the spot.

I am hoping this blog will serve sufficient in an effort to Thank all of you, throughout various time zones.

I’d also like to recognize a few things that get me through my writing hysteria:

Thanks to my terrific, heroic and open-minded husband, we have the good fortune to live part of the year in a quaint little Mexican village. The abundance of color and all the culture and kindness can put just about anyone into a creative and generous spirit. The village is chock full of artisans who support others in their trades, pursuits and passions. I’d like to thank the beautiful people of Mexico and all those who cross my path while I’m here. This book was entirely created in San Antonio Tlaycapan, MX, and I appreciate the support and daily experiences of my fellow Mexican Writers Group. Your advice has indeed been immeasurable.

Also, I want to acknowledge the following musicians I listen to regularly while I write – Alto Reed, Boney James, Dave Koz, Yiruma, and instrumental music of Nhac Khong Loi.

Lastly, I need to Thank Don Francisco’s kick ass hazelnut coffee for my pleasant morning buzz… SMILE

Dannette Hunnel