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Announcing the birth of my latest concept, Gage and the Googly-Eyed Guest.

Just in at 6 x 9 inches, about 8 ozs. and a whopping 74 pages, (due to large print and artwork), both writer and book are doing just fine.

Published on 9/25/19- My Mom’s birthday, and made available in both paperback and ebook, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.

The work was written with love in so many ways.

It’s dedicated to 3 generations my mom, my husband and my darling grandson.

The story is educational; with points on activity and relationships, communication and compassion as well as activism in community issues. It’s a description, I believe, on enjoyment of hobbies, with facts on fish and aquarium care but most importantly depicts a child’s early onset of responsibility and taking initiative.

Additionally, this story, when read aloud by a child, provides a good exercise in the enunciation of the two G sounds.

In an effort to make it more enjoyable for grandparents to read to the grandkids aloud, I typed this work in LARGE PRINT (😉wink). I’m always looking out for you my friends

I hope you and yours enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by

And as always, Please

Help someone learn to read- Be the person you needed as a child- Always look for those signs⬆︎

All proceeds will benefit the literacy charities we’ve selected in both Phoenix, Arizona and Jalisco, Mexico.

Dannette Hunnel