Dannette Hunnel


At Long Last

Finally, after quite a dry spell and one heck of a busy year, I have managed to pull off another one. Currently in the production/publication stage at this writing.

Lots of work, but I think, worth it. Dedicated to our Grandson, #5 in line, it’s a sweet story about a determined little boy.

Although he’s young yet, I can tell our grandson is just like the boy in the story; precocious and determined in nature, super smart and uniquely concerned and loving.

The inspiration, I believe, came from beyond; from my mom. You’ll have to get the book to read why I believe this. Suffice it to say, I have always had a thing for fish/aquariums, it started when I was probably less than 10 years old. Then there’s my frustration, maybe even anger with the whole hunger thing. It baffles me beyond words. It’s unacceptable! And then, of course my undying love and devotion to my grandson, (his sibs and cousins as well).

My mom knows all of this, wherever she is now, and as I was struggling with failed story attempts, she sent me a sign that brought a light to my soul, making me reach deep inside to pull this little story out.

What resulted makes for a cute story. Meant for a child between ages of 6-11. I know it won’t be a best seller but I don’t write for that anyway. I write to express myself the way only I can. It can not ever be influenced by others, that’s a sort of freedom or therapy for me. And all of my work is dedicated to someone in my most inner circle.. So, I’m pleased...

Stay tuned for my upcoming latest children’s book announcement. Soon to be published, coincidently, on my mother’s birthday.

Dannette Hunnel